The Gallery module support 4 type of galleries:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Google+ / Picasa

To change the gallery type change the value of the "Select your gallery source". 

Facebook Gallery 

The Facebook gallery is our most used gallery type. All you need is to find your Facebook page ID and enter in the "Facebook Page id". You can't show photos from Facebook events, Facebook User profiles or groups.

Here is how to find your Facebook page id.



Instagram gallery

Instagram gallery shown instagram photos fetched by hashtag. You may put unique hashtags on your photos to display them in the app. We are working on enabling to show specific instagram user feed inside the app. 

You should also register an instagram app here and enter the "Client id" in "Instagram App Client ID"


To show Flickr images you have to enter your Flicker User id. You can find the Flickr id by using this site.

Google+ or Picasa

To display Picasa or Google+ photos just enter your "Picasa User ID" or "Google+ User id"

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