What platforms are supported?

Mobidonia supports iOS ( Apple Mobile OS) and Android ( Google platform ). So you get 2 apps, one that works on iPhone ( With pro plan + iPad) and all Android versions.  Apps are optimized for iOS8.  

What is considered under the term one app?

Saying one app, we are referring to Android, iPhone or/and iPad app depending on the pricing plan. 


Who is the owner of the app?

You are the owner of the app. You create and manage the app. You are responsible for it.  This is why you will need a developer account from AppStore and Google play. So you are the legal owner of the app


How many apps I can make?

You can create as many as you want apps with one account. Each of the apps can be bind to different pricing.


Can I get help while making the app?

Sure. We are dedicated to offer you help with the building process. We are also working on preparing better instruction material for the builder.



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