Live Updates

Live updates, is the process when you are changing some section or app settings. This updates are automatically available in your app. 

Live updates are all action that doesn't require app republishing. 

Some changes require app republishing and changes are not automatically available in the app.

Such action that are not "Live updates" and require app republishing are:

  1. Changing app name 
  2. Changing app description 
  3. Changing app keywords 
  4. All Images in the "Appearances->Images" except the logo
  5. Changing navigation
  6. Changing Icon and Splash screens. 


Action that are automatically available in the app are: 

  1. Adding new section
  2. Reordering section, changing name and icon
  3. Changing colours in "Appearances->Colours" 
  4. Changing navigation settings 
  5. Allowing / Disabling ads and changing ads provider
  6. Everithing in Cloud CMS
  7. App user and User comments

For faster app start the app keeps cache of the last response from mobidonia server. So when you make some change in the app it may look like the live update is not working. Just go in sections and reposition some section. This will trigger live app update and then try once agin. 


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