In the videos section you can display videos from Youtube and Vimeo. 


If you choose youtube you can display latest users uploads, favourites  or some specific playlist videos. In general all this falls down to display playlist videos because youtube organises all the videos as playlists. 

So our suggestion is, if you want to display uploads or favourites, find the specific Playlist id of it. This way the video section will work faster. 

In order to find the id of the upload and favorites section follow this link.

Here, you will be able to find your playlist id. 

Go back in Mobidonia Studio, and for your youtube  video section feed type select playlist and enter the correct playlist id. 



For vimeo, all you have to do is to enter your username. 

You can find your username by logging in Vimeo, and click on me. Click on the address bar and there will be your username. 

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