How to make Shopify mShop

- In existing Mobidonia app 

   If you already have a Mobidonia app, go in the "Section" folder and click on the "Add new section" button.  Then add the "Shopify Shop" and if you like to include blog from your Shopify, make the same process for the "News" sections. 


- If you don't have an app in Mobidonia

When creating new app, select mShop App from the drop down. 


- Configure your Shopify shop 

  1. Go in the "Integrations" menu. 
  2. Click on the "Shopify Shop" tab
  3. Enter the complete link to your shopify shop including https://
  4. Then click on "Access Token" link in the description. 
  5. You will be redirected to Shopify to give access to Mobidonia 
  6. Then you will be redirected back to Mobidonia site. 
  7. The access token should be there now. 
  8. Enter you shop currency 


- Preview your shop

  1. Go in the "Sections" menu
  2. On the left you will be able to preview your shop
  3. You can preview your shop also on your mobile device. 


- Install Mobidonia from Shopify app store

  1. Go in Shopify app store and search for "Mobidonia" 
  2. Click on install.
  3. After giving access to Mobidonia, you will receive an email with link and access token
  4. Enter them manually in the "Integrations" menu.


- Show only 1 collection 

You are able to organise your shop the way you want. For example you are able to have the collections you want from your Shopify store as separate menu items in your Mobidonia app. To do this add few Sopify section. Rename them and go inside each of one. There you will be able to enter your collection ID. To find your collection ID, just open your collection in web browser. In the address bar you will notice your collection id/handle. Enter it in Mobidonia. 

In this case it is "hats-caps"


Group your collection in folder

You can mimic your navigation just like in your Shopify site. You can organize your collection into folders, and this way you can recreate the same navigation as in your site. Learn how to create folders here.



- Show your blog articles 

First add new "News section". Go inside to modify the section data. 

For "Source" select Shopify.

Then enter your blog id and the blog name. You can have as many as you want blogs inside the app. 




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